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OHYSA is committed to continuing the training of our players through our youth umpire program. Training is offered beginning at age 12 with youth umpires calling one-man games in 6U and 8U. As they get older our umpires move up to two-man crews, with young teens calling games in 10U, and older teens and adults calling games in 12U and 14U.

Umpire Login information changes each season, even for veteran officials, and umpires should wait for emails from the UICs with their User ID and password at the start of each season.

Umpires must be in the OHYSA database to be added to the playing season for assignments.

Attend available umpire clinics – Spring and Fall clinics will be announced via email and posted on the main page.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

Add yourself to the system – Umpires must be in the OHYSA database to be added to the playing season for assignments. 

  • If you are a returning umpire your information will already be present in the system and on the umpire list.
  • If you are a new umpire but have played at OHYSA at any time since 2015 you are in the system but will need to be added to the umpire list.
  • If you are a new umpire and have not played at OHYSA you will need to be added to the system and the umpire list.

Submit your background check – All umpires 18 and older are required to submit for a criminal background check prior to calling games at OHYSA.

  • There is no cost to you, your personal information is not viewed by anyone at the league, and the site used to submit your information is SSL encrypted.
  • Must be completed once per year.

Sign your waiver electronically – All umpires must complete a Release & Waiver of Liability.

  • If you are a registered player for Spring 2020 on any OHYSA  team your parent has already completed a waiver while registering you and you can skip this step.
  • If you are not currently registered for Spring 2020 and are a minor, your parent or legal guardian must complete the waiver electronically on your behalf.
  • If you are an adult umpire, whether new or returning, you must complete the waiver electronically.
  • Must be completed once per year.

Login to your Umpire Account

Please note: You can also access umpire account features via the the website login of the main menu above. HOWEVER, you must use your parent ID or player ID (PIDs) to access in that manner. This is NOT the same as your umpire ID (UID). If you do NOT KNOW your PID you should only access using the link above and your UID and password.

Our Umpires-in-Chief in charge of umpire training, oversight and scheduling are Mark Salas & Traci Anderson. They can be reached at [email protected]