Money Matters

Financial Operations

OHYSA is a fully volunteer organization that depends on multiple revenue streams to ensure consistent operation. Revenue sources such as sponsorships, concessions sales and fundraising are vital to off-set registration fees so that we remain an economical option to any player interested in solid recreational baseball or softball. We are often asked about finances, and per bylaw and IRS regulations, full reports are available to any dues-paying Association member. The information below is based on actual amounts of income and expense from 2016, and provides an overview of how fees are determined, how money is spent, where money comes from, and why it is vital for every parent and player in our community to participate in fundraising, visit our concession stands and bring new/retain existing sponsors into the league. 

What does my registration fee cover?

The simple answer is – not everything.

The average registration fee covers only a portion of costs. In order to remain affordable to our families, we work hard to gather other income sources to off-set the difference.

If we had to rely ONLY on registration fees to cover our costs we’d have to raise each registration fee by 48%!

There are many ways YOU can help keep costs down.

Own, work for or know a business interested in corporate sponsorship? Send them our way! And GO their way! Support the businesses that support your player – check out our sponsor list and make sure you let them know why you’re there.

Visit the concession stand when you get the munchies. Buy OHYSA swag at Opening Day. Become an Association Member. Or just volunteer to work a tournament.

What it costs to operate the complex and offer a year of play