6U Tee Ball

Tee Ball Description:

Players ages 5 & 6. Using a T-ball batting tee, 6U focuses on instruction of beginning players. 10 players are fielded defensively and all players bat. No leading off or stealing of bases is allowed. Mandatory two inning defensive play rule. In addition, each team member must play an infield position at least one inning of each game. Maximum of 5 coaches in baseball and 4 coaches in softball are allowed on the field at any time.

Frequently asked Tee Ball Questions

Please contact your Commissioner if your question has not been answered.

Regulation games will be a maximum of four (4) innings, but no regulation inning (one through four) may be started after fifty (50) minutes. The game will have a kill time of one (1) hour and five (5) minutes. There is a School Night Curfew (no inning may start after 9:30 PM).


For 6U League, in Spring and in Fall, a maximum of three (3) team meetings per calendar week is allowed during the declared pre-season period, and a maximum of three (3) team meetings per calendar week (including games) is allowed during the regular season.

It shall be the policy of the Baseball/Softball Program to provide awards to individual players for the recognition of participation and achievement of excellence in play during the regular season. These awards shall be distributed in then following manner:

All team members in the WeeBall, 6U and 8U Leagues shall receive a participation trophy.

No. Our rules do not allow a participant to deviate from their age group without Board of Directors approval, except in the case of a 6 year old playing up in the Pinto League (Coach Pitch), which will be allowed with the approval of the Baseball/Softball Commissioner.