Covid-19 Safety Protocols

A great deal of the success of our season relies on parents and families taking proactive responsibility for their player’s health. Now, more than ever, decisions you make for your child will affect other people’s children as well.

To that end, when we say that parents are responsible for screening (1) their player; and (2) their household members who will be attending games, our expectation is that you take this as seriously as we have taken the many, many steps necessary to even be able to offer this season.

*Update, May 25:

Spectators at practices/games are no longer required to wear a mask in the bleachers.

Fully vaccinated individuals may resume normal activities without wearing a mask – this includes players, coaches and umpires.

Please note: if you are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated following your 1st vaccine dose, you should continue wearing a mask per CDC guidelines.

For any issues, please email [email protected] and include (1) the player’s name, (2) playing division, (3) team name. You should also contact your coach to let them know your player will not be available for game day.

Updated: May 25, 2021

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