Wee Ball

Wee Ball Description:

Players ages 3 & 4. Using a “safety” ball and a T-ball batting tee, WeeBall focuses on introduction to team sports.  WeeBall is parent-led and all players must have at least 1 parent with them on the field at all times. The end goal is to keep a group of toddlers focused on a series of finite actions that, when pulled together, are a ball game. 6 players are used on the field and all players bat. Games run approximately 30 minutes long. Playing season last 6 weeks, with one combined game/practice a week.


We’re excited that you are starting your baseball/softball journey with Oak Hill!  Our goal for your player is to have a fun and positive introduction to the game. 

Josh Hughes

Commissioner, Wee Ball

Frequently asked Wee Ball Questions

WeeBall registration includes cost of background check for TWO parents or guardians per player. WeeBall requires that at least one parent remain with the child at all times. In order to be on the field or in the dugout, that parent(s) has to submit and pass a background check. When you register your player include BOTH PARENTS in the registration step for parents. This is how we will know that your background check submission is for a WeeBall player and can be processed.  Names that cannot be matched in the registration database will not be processed.

A player must be age 3 or 4 by January 1, 2020.

Games are played at the Oak Hill Youth Sports Association complex at 6301 Joe Tanner Lane, Austin 78749.

Wee ball games will start at either 9am, or 10am on Saturday mornings.  The schedule will be sent after rosters are finalized.

We will meet for 6 official games, usually starting around the 2nd week of March.  Game days will last (1) hour with the time divided into 1/2 hour practices and games.

Please bring a glove, bat*, helmet, water bottle, and sunscreen.

*Bats can be shared if needed.  It would be good to have your own bat to continue playing at home.  The least expensive, or used bats are fin

Team jersey’s and hats are provided.  The head coach may recommend sock and pant colors (usually grey or white.)  We are not sticklers if the kids do not match.  

It’s up for debate if how much cleats help this age group.  Cleats are part of the experience though.

Both the league and the City of Austin require all volunteers that work with minor children submit and pass a background check.  The badge itself is how we identify individuals that have met the requirement. Association dues partially offset the cost of this process.

Unfortunately that badge expired and you will need to obtain a new badge.  Badges are valid for the calendar year. If you have a badge from the Spring, your badge will still be valid for the Fall Development League and you won’t need to purchase another badge.

At least 1 parent or guardian is required to be present during practices and games and that parent should be actively participating with the players on the field. Parents should NEVER leave their child unattended at a practice/game.

Badges are needed to be present on the field during games. To obtain a badge, parents must become a league member and pass a background check. Membership is $15 and can be purchased at https://squareup.com/market/oak-hill-youth-sports-association

The background check can be obtained at  


If possible, we encourage multiple parents to become a league member and obtain a badge.  The sooner parents can be badged, the better.

No, you will not be allowed on the field until you have a badge.  

It shall be the policy of the Baseball/Softball Program to provide awards to individual players for the recognition of participation and achievement of excellence in play during the regular season. These awards shall be distributed in then following manner:

All team members in the WeeBall, 6U and 8U Leagues shall receive a participation trophy.