6U Softball Description:

Players ages 5 & 6. Using a T-ball batting tee, 6U focuses on instruction of beginning players. 10 players are fielded defensively and all players bat. No leading off or stealing of bases is allowed. Mandatory two inning defensive play rule. In addition, each team member must play an infield position at least one inning of each game. Maximum of 4 coaches in softball are allowed on the field at any time.

Frequently asked 6U Softball Questions

Please contact Commissioner Scott Egbert if your question has not been answered.
  1. Baseball bats are not allowed.
  2. Only rubber soled shoes are to be worn by participants. Metal cleated shoes will
    not be allowed.
  3. Helmet with attached face mask is required.
  4. All players fielding the defensive position of pitcher shall be required to wear an
    NOCSAE certified protective face mask and chest gear during active play which will be provided by the league. Failure to wear any required equipment will stop play until the issue is resolved or the player is removed from play.

Regulation games will be a maximum of four (4) innings, but no regulation inning (one through four) may be started after fifty minutes. Should the game be tied after four (4) innings and there is time remaining, an extra five (5) run inning may be played.

Coaches in the league must go through an application process each season and pass an annual background check. Coaching candidates are approved on a seasonal basis. A coach is allowed to be the Head Coach for only one team per season, but can be an assistant coach on another team if approved. Coaching Clinics are provided to our coaches at no charge.

In Spring and in Fall, a maximum of three (3) team meetings per calendar week is allowed during the declared pre-season period, and a maximum of three (3) team meetings per calendar week (including games) is allowed during the regular season

The Home & Visiting Team shall be responsible for pre-game field preparation and post-game cleanup, which shall include assuring that post-game field maintenance is performed, trash is picked up, and the field lights are turned off before leaving the complex.  

Please download the latest Blue Book for a full overview of rules and polices.