Season Refunds and Catcher's Gear Deposit Refunds

June 23, 2020

If you requested a refund for spring fees remaining, or returned catcher’s gear and are waiting on your deposit, checks are in the process of being manually cut for any payments received via credit card prior to February 6, or for registration fees made by cash or check. If you are expecting a refund and paid by credit card after February 6, please review your credit card accounts as all refunds that met this criteria have already been issued.
Only a single check will be issued per household and made payable to the parent in the system listed as Parent 1. Thus, a refund check would include fees remaining for all children in that household as well as any refund of catcher’s gear deposit. 
If you are only expecting a refund check for catcher’s gear deposit that will be mailed directly to the coach named on the initial deposit payment. Checks will be mailed to the parent in the system listed as Parent 1.
Thank you.
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