Holiday Gift Guide

With the Holidays approaching, the Oak Hill Staff curated some of our favorite training aids, books, as well as upcoming baseball and softball camps.  Happy Holidays!

Training Aids



The HecoStix is a hand-eye coordination gadget that encourages a high level of focus. This is a very fun backyard training aid that passively activates brain muscles. Coaches, this is a solid tool to incorporate this into your stations. USA Baseball's Collegiate team used the Hecostix throughout their summer. Great tool for all levels. Oak Hill Families will receive 10% off their purchase by clicking on this link.

Anywhere Ball

Anywhere Ball

A good back-yard ball that helps keep windows together. The Anywhere ball gives you feedback if the ball is "squared". If the ball is mis-hit, the ball will lose its shape and not have a true flight. The Anywhere ball also has seams, which can let you break off some curve balls! Available at Amazon

Sklz Reaction Ball

Reaction Ball

The SKLZ reaction ball will provide an unpredictable bounce. If your player can field the reaction ball, they will be able to play on any field! Available at our sponsor Academy Sports!.


Most retailers have discounted the 2019 and 2018 bats.  Many of our sponsors, such as Dicks Sporting Goods,  will price match if you find the bat elsewhere. 

Softball guidelines:
All softball bats used must be ASA approved with the barrel of the bat not to exceed 2 1⁄4”.

Baseball guidelines:
2 5/8 allowed at 8U.
2 ¾ allowed at 9U and above.

The bat must be stamped with USA Baseball or USSSA. USSSA bats will have more “pop” than USA Baseball bats.

Young player Books

Ted Williams

There Goes Ted Williams

Childrens book that tells the amazing story of how Ted Williams served his country and hit over .400!

Available at Amazon.

Throw like a girl

Throw like a girl

Amazon best seller by Softball Superstar Jennie Finch. Available at Amazon

MLB All Stars

MLB All Stars 2019: The Ultimate Baseball Coloring Book

Coloring book that features high quality illustrations. Learn about the stars of today! Available at Amazon.

Coach/Parent Books

The Arm

The Arm

A great historical account of the evolution of baseball. Includes the origins of Tommy John Surgery, Contract Negotiations, over-use tales, and arm care.

Available at Amazon.

Complete guide to pitching

The Complete Guide to Pitching

Derek Johnson, Pitching Coach for the Cincinnati Reds, set the trend of Major League Teams hiring College Pitching Coaches. Good book to learn modern pitching philosophies. Available at Amazon.



Solid book that on the history of the Houston Astros and how they chose unconventional practices to start their dynasty. Available at Amazon

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