Bathroom Update

June 23, 2020

Over Father’s Day weekend Walk-Off Sports hosted a USSSA baseball tournament at the OHYSA complex. OHYSA served solely as the locale for this event, renting the playing fields to Walk-Off Sports for their use.
During the course of the weekend water main issues caused disruptions in the pressure levels throughout the complex. This was an issue related to INCOMING water, not sewage or wastewater — although both were effected because of it.  As owners of the property OHYSA did engage a plumbing company on a holiday weekend to assess the problems but they were unable to access the necessary area to attempt repairs. 
OHYSA is aware that the bathroom conditions were unacceptable and did everything in our power at the time to correct the situation. Repairs to the impacted water main are now being undertaken. In addition, several thousands dollars of worth of additional repairs will need to be made as bathroom facilities continued to be used while non-functional. 
If you have concerns, further questions or refund demands they should be directed to Walk-Off Sports as the tournament host and director.
Thank you.
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