Mike Davis

14U Commissioner

Hometown: Austin, TX

Board Member / Commissioner Since: 1995

High School or College: McCallum High School, University of Texas, St. Mary’s School of Law

Day job:

Favorite Restaurant in Austin, TX: Maudies or Chuys

Sports playing experience:
Pretty average youth baseball player; somewhat above average softball player for approximately 40 years; fairly decent senior softball player for the last 10 years. I have been told I have gotten better as I have gotten older (I am not sure that was meant as a compliment). I am still playing on a 65+ senior tournament team.

I coached for 14 years at OHYSA and also coached some high school summer & fall teams for 3 years. This year will be my 21st year as Pony/14U commissioner, and my 27th year as either a Board member, officer, or commissioner, including 1 year as vice president and 3 years as president in the late 1990’s.

Little League: Northwest Little League; Northwest Pony/Colt League

Favorite MLB, College or NPF Team: University of Texas; New York Yankees

Mike Davis - Oak Hill